The book "My Sibling Is Special. Tips for children who have a sibling with rare epilepsy/Dravet syndrome" was created for Dravet Syndrome Foundation, USA. The book tells the story of a seven-year-old girl, Lisa, whose brother Joey has epilepsy. Lisa talks about her emotions and experiences and how she copes with them through creativity, walking, reading books and unconditional love for her brother. The book also contains recommendations for families with children with epilepsy - how to create an atmosphere of support, how to answer questions, how to explain. Plus a large list of healthy coping skills.

Book author: Nichole Stangel, MA, MS, LPC, NCC, CT.
Illustrator: Xenia Voronicheva.
Book size: 6x9".
Number of pages: 36.
Color palette
Book spreads
Storyboard. Round 1.
Storyboard. Round 2.
Storyboard. Round 3.
Character design
Search sketches. Round 1.
Character design
Search sketches. Round 2.
Character poses. Round 3.
Book cover design
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