Прайс лист на иллюстрации

Price list on the illustration

Picture book illustration

In a standard children's picture book, there are 32 pages (12 spreads). Accordingly, these are 12 illustrations + cover design + endpaper design.
An approximate calculation of the cost of a picture book from A to Z:
12 illustrations - $150x12=$1 800 USD
cover design - $220
endpaper design - $100
pdf layout - $100
Total amount: $2 220

See examples of illustrations

Commission: xenia.voronicheva@gmail.com - Xenia

Coloring book


Additional sticker to any pack - $90.


Custom portrait from photo

Stylized portraits of stuff for the holiday design of the website or social media, for a corporate magazine or blog.

Children / students portraits, parents and teachers for the graduation album.

A portrait as a gift to a chief, colleague, friend. For weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays.

Add a background - $50.

Size increase - $50.

Illustrated calendar

Banner illustration by Xenia Voronicheva

Other types of illustrations:

  • brand character design / mascot design
  • logo design
  • illustrated map for your event or website
  • website design: illustrated banner, avatar, icon set, pictures for articles and posts
  • Christmas cards with your brand character
  • illustration for advertising
  • illustration for flyer or poster
  • illustrations for education, manuals
  • decor design: toppers, stretch banners, birthday caps, flags, etc.
  • development of illustrations for wall painting, mural

Feel free to contact me by xenia.voronicheva@gmail.com

*Prices for all illustrations are based on a non-exclusive license for 5 years.

Non-exclusive license - when the licensor reserves the right to issue similar licenses to third parties.
Exclusive license - when the licensor does not reserve the right to issue similar licenses to third parties.

Prices for an exclusive license differ slightly, please check by email xenia.voronicheva@gmail.com - Xenia.